Sperm whale mating mating

One of the ways in which a Humpback Whale impresses and excites a female is by blowing bubbles beneath her, so that they gently stimulate her genitals. At each daring breach, we whale watchers gasped, laughed and applauded. Sperm whales usually eat a little over kg almost 2, pounds of food per day. Another sprays from its blowhole so close to the boat that a fine mist settles over us. Once the whales arrive at their breeding grounds and they are ready to mate the male whales begin looking for a mating partner by courting the female whales and competing with other males. Lobtailing - splashing the surface of the water with a powerful downward force of the tail. The northern right whale still hasn't recovered, however, and the northwest Pacific population of gray whales numbers less than a hundred.
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Sperm whale videos, photos and facts - Physeter macrocephalus | Arkive

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Whale Fact Sheet

It is also possible that whales may have occasionally attacked whaling boats or became aggressive towards the whalers that hunted them, however little information confirming this exits. However, in many species that engage in this form of copulatory competition, each "father" will continue to fence with other partners until it is inseminated. Sometimes, the male doesn't provide enough sperm to fully fertilize of all of a female's eggs. Retrieved 1 December Killer whales may attack sharks when other forms of food are unavailable or in areas where sharks may be fairly abundant and somewhat defenseless.
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Are sperm whales social?

Subscribe to our Newsletter! It is listed on Appendix II [] as it has an unfavourable conservation status or would benefit significantly from international co-operation organised by tailored agreements. Handbook of Marine Mammals. Cetaceans portal Marine life portal.
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Science Age of Humans. Even male humpbacks are more gregarious and social than their nomadic lifestyle might suggest. Subscribe Top Menu Current Issue. In order to find a more stable environment these whales travel towards the equator where the weather is warmer and produces a suitable environment for mating and having children while also providing some species with better protection from predators due to larger pods formed by mating groups. She will choose the male mate that she perceives to be the strongest, as this should give her offspring the best chance of survival. In a competitive pod, a female is accompanied by males vying to mate with her. Other scientists, such as marine researchers at the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth, allege that whale songs are more complex than simple breeding vocalizations and may actually be used by whales as a language to communicate throughout the year.
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